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We have the know-how you need.

Our success is directly proportional to your  success.

At HPGA Professionals inc., our mission is to help savvy Real Estate investors to achieve their financial objective as well as to help newcomers to overcome their fears and help them take the first step towards their next acquisition.


Founded in 2018 by Saki Kajita and Denis Chau, HPGA Professionals Inc. is dedicated in providing the right information directly without any sugar coating and exceptional services to their clients. We help the ambitious, typically, the already successful people to move to the next level of freedom through Real Estate in partnerships. If you are looking for generalists charlatans charging excessively in teaching Real Estate with no track records and false information that does not apply to Quebec's regulations or Law systems, you will be dealing with the wrong people.


We strongly believe the best way to learn is by acquisition, not by attending classes. We give consideration to people who take action by spending their money on the property, and buying an asset. On your own you will probably make mistakes and it’s okay. There is a saying: “a smart person learns from his mistakes, but a genius person learns from the mistakes of others.” We are here to teach you through our mistakes and your own experience.


In 2020, with the rise of COVID-19 pandemic, HPGA Professionals Inc. created HPGA360, a branch focused purely on Real Estate 3D mapping to facilitate the landlord rent and brokers sell their properties by offering virtual tours. 


In Japanese the word Crisis 危機 is a combination of 2 words: Danger and Opportunity. We firmly believe that with the crisis, many opportunities arise. 


We are a team of professionals aiming for High Profits Generating Assets and we are here to find the deal, coach you, make you accountable, find the uniqueness of your managerial style, and push you on the edge of your comfort zone.


Book a time with us and see how we can help you achieve your next level of success in Real Estate, You have nothing to lose but a property to own! 


Who are we
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— Alessandro,
Software Engineer

"My first multiplex acquisition could not have been this successful without the help of HPGA. Who knew investing in real estate could be so simple!

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